PFP ASEAN Peatland Photo Contest 2022

PFP ASEAN Peatland Photo Contest 2022

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InfoApr 27, 2022 - Jun 24, 2022


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PFP ASEAN Peatland Photo Contest is back!

We are excited to welcome you to submit your creative photography and/or storytelling on ASEAN peatlands talents through our PFP Photo Contest. Attractive prizes totaling EUR500 to be won!

Residents of ASEAN countries, except Brunei and Singapore, are invited to submit their entries to three (3) categories: Photography (using DSLR), Mobile Photography, and Visual Storytelling. The competition will run from 27th April 2022 to 24th June 2022. 

PFP also hopes the contest will engage the public to share the beauty and importance of peatlands in Southeast Asia through creative expressions. There will be three categories available as follows:


  1. Photography (Using DSLR Camera)
    1. Theme 1: People on Peat
      • Capturing people living, working, thriving around/on peatlands
    2. Theme 2: Pristine Peat
      • Peatlands in their most natural form. Wildlife, flora, peat soil, floating peat, etc.
    3. Theme 3: Peat Degradation
      • Highlighting the issues facing peatlands including subsidence, land clearing, and peat fire incidences. This could be current, aftermath, and/or damages affecting peatlands. 
  2. Mobile Photography
    • Open Peat-Related Theme
  3. Visual Storytelling
    • Open Peat-Related Theme

Interested participants can submit an entry through the forms below.

  1. Entry Form : Photography (Using DSLR Camera)
  2. Entry Form : Mobile Photography
  3. Entry Form : Visual Storytelling

Please refer to the terms and conditions before submitting an entry.


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