Virtual Journalism Training - Editors Meeting 28 May 2021

Virtual Journalism Training - Editors Meeting 28 May 2021

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InfoMay 28, 2021 - May 28, 2021


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Over the past decade, the peatland ecosystem in the ASEAN region has increasingly been damaged by fire and drainage, turning carbon storage into carbon emitters, which has a huge impact on the climate crisis. A study by WRI Indonesia in 2016 found that the drainage of one hectare of peatland would produce on average 55 metric tons of CO2 per year or equivalent to burning approximately 6,000 gallons of gasoline. One of the main drivers of the peat damage is human intervention, such as land clearing for plantations. This happens because of the lack of knowledge on peatlands among the stakeholders in Southeast Asia and the perception that peatlands do not have any economic value.

People for Peat believes that the peatland issue should be effectively managed through holistic and proactive approaches, which require collective efforts from State Actors (SA) and NSAs. However, the awareness of NSAs in the ASEAN region related to sustainable peatland management is still inadequate. Thus, it is important to raise awareness of sustainable peatland management through multiple channels, including journalism efforts.

This is why People for Peat conducted its first-ever Editors' Meeting to provide an overview on Sustainable Peatland Management to the news editors as well as creating networks among the editors from various publications in Southeast Asia.


Event Rundown

SUPA Virtual Journalism Training - 28 May 2021
GMT + 7
14:00:00 Introduction to EU SUPA Component 2, including business and website

WRI Indonesia


  • Sharing peatland 101, including the role of peatlands in carbon storage and the danger of peatland degradation
  • Sharing peatland related issue in reference to Symposium 1 content


14:15:00 Keynote Stories around peatland and its importance

Dr. Marcel J. Silvius and Mongabay


Sharing an overview look on peatland in Southeast Asia and what is missing on the conversation on peatland


14:55:00 Q&A


Interactive discussion

15:25:00 Sharing about investment on peatlands

Inisiatif Dagang Hijau (IDH)

Investing in peatlands: Challenges & Opportunities

15:55:00 Q&A


Interactive discussion

16:25:00 Closing


  • Administrative announcements
  •  Announcement about Journalism Training 1 & Journalism Training 2


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